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Dr. Lindsey Elmore is a board certified pharmacist and functional medicine practitioner. She believes that all people deserve to be healthy, happy, and fit.She started the show to cast a vision for the world as a better place: one where every woman can pursue dreams, overcome obstacles, and leave a meaningful legacy.

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Core Demographic

U.S. Females Aged 28-34 and 45-59

Listen to the show 5-7 times per month.

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About the Show

About the show

The Lindsey Elmore Show launched in April 2020, hitting the Top 20 charts within the first two weeks of release. Hosted by Dr. Lindsey Elmore, the
podcast strives to empower women to take control of their own health by offering them the latest information in the field. Best-selling authors, doctors, and health and wellness leaders join Dr. Elmore for twice weekly episodes.

Dr. Elmore has been sharing about health and wellness for years, and The Lindsey Elmore Show was a natural expansion. Her listeners are predominantly females who are interested in learning more about taking care of themselves and their families. All want to improve their lives by taking control of their health and making informed decisions about the products and services they use.

Dr Lindsey

Topics Have Included

  • anxiety
  • functional medicine
  • breast cancer
  • music and health
  • addiction
  • acupuncture
  • our food system
  • hypnotherapy
  • doing impossible things
  • nutrient depletion
  • medical devices
  • dealing with grief
  • reversing diabetes
  • and so much more

Products We Would Like to Promote


  • equipment
  • yoga supplies
  • technology
  • recovery products


  • clean hair care
  • clean skin care
  • clean oral hygiene


  • food & cooking
  • sleep accessories
  • supplements

Health Apps

  • sleep trackers
  • glucose monitors
  • health & fitness trackers


  • health & wellness podcasts
  • podcasts with similar audiences


  • monthly subscription boxes
  • health apps


  • eye masks
  • noise machines
  • diffusers

Stress Reduction

  • sauna or weighted blankets
  • tea
  • calming apps


  • juicer
  • food processors
  • coffee, tea, kombucha, etc.

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Show Facts

The Lindsey Elmore Show releases two episodes per week; averaging 8 episodes each month.
The Lindsey Elmore Show averages 2,500 downloads per episode with an average CPM of 2.5.
Ad buys or sponsorships are available for products and services that fit within the show's demographics.
All ads are available as 30 second pre-roll, 45 second mid-roll or 45 second post-roll and are read by Dr. Elmore.
Sponsorship on The Lindsey Elmore Show reaches hundreds of thousands of listeners globally.

Sponsorship Packages

Single Ad Sponsor
30-second pre-roll — $18 CPM ($45 each episode/minimum of 24 episodes) = $1,080

45 second pre-roll — $25 CPM ($62.50 each episode/minimum of 24 episodes) = $1,500
Episode Sponsor
(3 ads — 30 second pre-roll; 45 second mid-roll; 45 second post-roll/minimum 12 episodes) = $2,000

Add-ons to entire episode package:

Mention in social media = additional $500

Giveaway of product on social media to promote episode = additional $1,000
Headline Sponsor (3 Months)
All 8 podcasts in the month for three months covering 3 ads — (30 second pre-roll; 45 second mid-roll; 45 second post-roll) = $3,500
Advertorial Sponsor
Interview-based ad in 3 separate episodes that includes your product or service. Average interview in each episode is 5 minutes and is placed mid-roll. The guest will be mutually agreed upon. = $1,500
Add-ons to advertorial:

Mention in social media = additional $500 per episode

Giveaway of product on social media to promote episode = additional $1,000 and includes 3 posts for each episode.
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