232 | Finding Balance in an Overstimulated World

With: Katerina Lengold

Katerina Lengold is a former space tech entrepreneur turned brain researcher and mental health advocate. A graduate of MIT, Katerina started college at age 14 and holds multiple degrees, including in computer science, business administration, economics and data science. By the age of 23, Katerina sold her space tech startup, and had become the youngest executive in the world aerospace industry.

After severe burnout, she turned her interest from launching satellites to studying the human brain. Katerina is a founder of the Neurointegration Institute and has taught her method to over 27,000 people from over 40 countries.

Topics covered in this episode:

Technology and the Brain
Mental Health
Neurointegration Method
Brain Training
Boredom & Stillness
Creating Joy
Neuro Sprints
Goal Achievement

Referenced in the episode:

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To learn more about Katerina Lengold and her work, head over to https://lengold.org/
IG @katerinalengold

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