237 | Healthspan Revolution: Extending Vital Years of Quality Living

With: Dr. Leroy Hood and Dr. Nathan Price

Listen to "Healthspan Revolution: Extending Vital Years of Quality Living | Dr. Leroy Hood and Dr. Nathan Price" on Spreaker.

Leroy Hood, MD, developed the DNA sequencing technology that made possible the Human Genome Project and is cofounder of the Institute for Systems Biology. A pioneer in the fields of systems biology, proteomics, and P4 medicine, he has won the Kyoto Prize, the Lasker Award, the Heinz Award, and the National Medal of Science. He is in all three national academies of science: medicine, engineering and science and falls among 20 who share this honor out of more that 6000 members of these academies.

Nathan Price is Chief Science Officer of Thorne HealthTech, helping to architect a scientific wellness company serving millions of people. A longtime professor at the Institute for Systems Biology, he was selected as an Emerging Leader in Health and Medicine by the National Academy of Medicine, receiving the Grace A. Goldsmith Award for his work on scientific wellness and has co-authored over 200 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Topics covered in this episode:

Disease Prevention
Disease Treatment
AI in Healthcare
Ethical AI
Medical Errors
P Four Medicine
Participatory In Your Healthcare
Educational Efforts
Digital Twin
Health Spans
Economy of Healthcare
Blood Analysis
Immediate Actions

Referenced in the episode:

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To learn more about Leroy Hood and Nathan Price and their work, head over to https://isbscience.org/bio/nathan-price/

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