239 | Empathy as Medicine: The Transformative Power of Compassionate Care

With: Timothy McMahan King

Listen to "Empathy as Medicine: The Transformative Power of Compassionate Care | Timothy McMahan King" on Spreaker.

Timothy McMahan King is a writer, Senior Fellow for Clergy for a New Drug Policy, and the owner of Vagabond Strategies. He is the former chief strategy officer for Sojourners and has served as a consultant for national non-profits, advocacy campaigns, and political candidates.

The author of Addiction Nation: What the Opioid Crisis Reveals About Us (Herald Press, 2019), he is an active advocate for those in recovery and to reform United States drug policy. His second book, What Are Drugs For? is forthcoming with Fortress Press. He has written widely for national publications, including The Wall Street Journal and CNN.

A nationally sought-after speaker, he explores the intersection of faith, science, drugs, and addiction while calling for an end to a culture of punishment. He hosts a monthly webinar series on addiction and drug policy issues for the Center of Addiction and Faith, where he also serves as a board member.

A graduate of North Park University with degrees in theology and philosophy, McMahan King has a deep interest in what healing looks like for the individual and our culture. Growing up on a farm in New Hampshire, he has a keen awareness of the ways in which our communities and the natural environment can call us into greater wholeness.

McMahan King lives with his wife, Hannah, their daughter Ruth and their dog, Hank, in North Carolina.

Topics covered in this episode:

Healing and Recovery
Substance Use and Addiction
Harm Reduction Philosophy
Empathy and Compassion in Healthcare
Role of Psychedelics in Addiction Treatment
Cultural and Historical Context of Drug Use
Impact of Drugs on Human Experience
Placebo Effect in Treatment
Mind-Body Connection in Healing
Ethical Considerations in Medicine
Role of Religion and Spirituality in Drug Use
Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Integrating Ancient Wisdom with Modern Science
Personalized Approaches to Treatment
Stigma and Judgment Surrounding Drug Use

To learn more about Timothy McMahan King and his work, head over to https://www.mcmahanking.com/
IG @timothymcmahanking

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