250 | Follicle Forensics: Tracing the Root Cause of Hair Loss

With: Melissa Anger

Listen to "Follicle Forensics: Tracing the Root Cause of Hair Loss | Melissa Anger" on Spreaker.

Melissa Anger is an Associate Trichologist and a licensed Cosmetologist and Barber of more than 24 years. She is married with three kids and experienced hair loss herself after being diagnosed with Hashimotos shortly after the birth of her youngest child. She has become very passionate about the subject of hair loss as a whole and strives to give people hope by helping them determine the root cause of their own hair loss and become successful long term improving their hair loss and hair growth.

Topics covered in this episode:
Hair Loss Causes
Hormonal Imbalances
Medication Impacts on Hair Loss
Stress and Hair Loss
Insulin Resistance and Hair Loss
Cortisol and Its Effects
Diet and Lifestyle Changes for Hair Loss
Women's Health and Hair-Related Issues

Referenced in the Episode:

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To learn more about Melissa Anger and her work, head over to https://www.mabrowsandhair.com
IG: @ma_browsandhair

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