252 | Embracing Your Unique Design: A Deep Dive into Human Design

With: Rosy Crescitelli

Listen to "Embracing Your Unique Design: A Deep Dive into Human Design | Rosy Crescitelli" on Spreaker.

Rosy Crescitelli describes herself as first a friend and a human design specialist. You can also add network marketer, mental wellness coach, and clinical aromatherapist to her long list. She loves partnering with entrepreneurs to equip them to run their life and business in alignment according to how they are uniquely designed. She resides in San Diego with her tattooless sailor husband and their four kids: two teenage daughters and two twin boys. When she's not working, she is on the sidelines of a soccer field or a track and field match cheering loudly for her kids. As a self proclaimed gypsy, she has embraced all the Navy moves and focused on creating a cherished community at every stop.

Topics covered in this episode:
Human Design Fundamentals
Design Types and Strategies
Trial and Error in Personal Growth
Partnership Analysis
Parenting with Human Design
Faith and Human Design
Learning from Mistakes
Themes in Human Design
Emotional Intelligence
Living the Human Design Experiment

To learn more about Rosy Crescitelli and her work, head over to https://www.wholeheartedrosy.com/

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