276 | Why Drug Prices Keep Rising: Pharmacists Perspectives

With: Patrick Devereux

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276 | Why Drug Prices Keep Rising: Pharmacists Perspectives

Patrick Devereux has been a practicing pharmacist since 2005. He is the President and CEO of Family Medical Services which owns 4 retail pharmacies in the Birmingham area. He is also the owner of Happier at Home, an in home senior care franchise. Patrick is passionate about patients being informed about their medicines and using therapies to achieve the desired outcomes. He lives in Hoover with his partner Noel, his three children Joseph, Colin, and Lorelei and their three dogs. 

Topics covered in this episode:
Drug Pricing Issues
Pharmacy Benefit Managers
Spread Pricing Concept
Independent Pharmacy Challenges
DIR Fees
Fair Meds Act
340B Pricing
PBM and Drug Company Negotiations
Expensive vs. Cheap Medications
Community Pharmacist's Role
Drug Seeking Behaviors
Future of Drug Pricing
Alternative Pharmacy Business Models
Front-End Pharmacy Sales

To learn more about Peter Devereux and his work, head over to www.fms-pharmacy.com 


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