41. Building an Authentic Brand and Embracing Your Voice.

With: Sharon Haver

Listen to "Building an authentic brand and embracing your voice. An interview with Sharon Haver." on Spreaker.

Sharon Haver is the founder of Focus on Style, and has been an entrepreneur since 1999. She is an OG in the female entrepreneurship world, and helps women to discover their authentic voice, allowing it to permeate every single area of their brand.

She serves as a catalyst that helps entrepreneurs get to the next level, helping them to realize what it takes to help you stand out in a crowded marketplace. Sharon says that when you fully embrace who you are, you can be confident to get high level clients who truly appreciate you and what you bring to the table.

After that, Dr. Elmore shares one of the biggest things that holds us back: being a people pleaser. She shares the art of saying no, and how crucial this is in order to keep us from overwhelm and unnecessary stress.

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