79. Understanding the Body Electric.

With: Dr. Christine Schaffner

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Today, we’re discussing the electricity that is in and around our body, and how it relates to our health. How can we protect ourselves from electromagnetic radiation, while understanding that we are a part of the world as much as the world is a part of us?

Dr. Christine Schaffner focuses on biologic medicine, which supports and activates the patients’ own innate ability to heal. She combines naturopathic, functional and conventional therapies for individual treatment plans focusing on the underlying causes of complex diseases like Lyme disease, sleep issues, autoimmune issues and more.

Dr. Schaffner is hosting The Body Electric Summit, in which she and other doctors will share how considering the body as a series of electromagnetic processes, rather than just chemical ones, reveals a new level of understanding of the body’s bioenergetic fields, and how they impact overall health.

To join the summit, head to www.lindseyelmore.com/bodyelectric

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