12. Taking Control of Your Health through Diet.

With: Amanda Nighbert and Dr. Vivian Chen.

Listen to "Taking control of your health through diet. Interviews with Amanda Nighbert and Dr. Vivian Chen." on Spreaker.

In this week's episode of The Lindsey Elmore Show, Lindsey tackles another issue that many women face: figuring out a healthy diet.

With so many options and opinions surrounding the specifications of a balanced diet, it's hard to know what you really should be putting in your body and when. Amanda Nighbert sits down with Lindsey to help separate fact from myth, and addresses intermittent fasting and the idea that fat is not what's going to make you fat.

Dr. Vivian Chen shares her journey of treating her patients through the recommendations of diet changes. She talks about why after her own family's experiences, she has shifted from traditional medicine to a more natural approach.

Then, Lindsey sits down with her partner Derick for a segment called, "The Perfect Relationship," where they discuss lessons learned after their Valentine's Day turned into a comedy of errors.

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