64. Healing Anxiety Naturally.

With: Heather Rider and Stacy Tiegs

Listen to "Healing anxiety naturally. An interview with Heather Rider and Stacy Tiegs." on Spreaker.

More than 40 million adults suffer from anxiety, which is about 20% of the US population, and only 40% of people suffering get the adequate treatment that they need.

Heather Rider is an Anxiety Specialist who overcame her own anxiety while working in a demanding tech job. As the “Energy Synergist,” she works with clients all over the world taking a natural and wholistic approach to healing anxiety. She aligns emotional healing and neuroscience to help her clients get to the source of their symptoms to uncover persistent habits that hold them back.

Stacy Tiegs is an entrepreneur, mother and author of “Kicking Anxiety in the Ass… a little at a time.” When she realized her daughter was suffering from anxiety, she was compelled to approach healing her daughter’s anxiety naturally so that she could figure out what was causing this mental health disturbance. After a roller coaster of medications and emotions, Stacy is now sharing the story of how her family healed through this trying time.

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