62. Are We in Control of Our Medical Freedom?

With: Dr. John Kim

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62. Are We in Control of Our Medical Freedom?

In today’s episode, Lindsey interviews Dr. John Kim, a pharmacist in charge of Robinson Drug and Compounding Center.

His passion for compounding has lead him to create patient-centric medications from widely varying disease state that includes women’s health, autism, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, nutrition, cannabis as medicine, and more. Dr. Kim believes the Doctor of the future is in fact the patient.

Lindsey and Dr. Kim discuss medical freedom, and what many people think are risks to medical freedom in this day and age. They dissect censorship of natural medicine, and the ways the government is restricting pharmacists and other physicians and how that is harmful to patients everywhere.

Then, Lindsey shares why it is so important to learn to cope and respond to what is happening to the world around us in a positive way. She states that even though we can’t choose what’s going on in the world, we can choose our reaction to it, and why doing so sets our own health and wellness on a favorable path.

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