54. Stop the Menopause Madness.

With: Dr. Kyrin Dunston and Dawn Berry

Listen to "Stop the menopause madness. An interview with Dr. Kyrin Dunston and Dawn Berry." on Spreaker.

Today we’re talking with two people with unique perspectives on what life can look like during and after menopause, or after life-changing events like when children leave the nest.

Dr. Kyrin Dunston shares why it’s imperative that menopausal women explore their options and gain the confidence to ask the right questions. She discusses how we can stop the ’menopause madness,’ and go through menopause with ease.

Dr. Dunston is the host of the Stop the Menopause Madness Summit where top experts share strategies to help them lose weight, feel sexy, balance mood and master midlife. Dr. Elmore will be one of those experts at the Summit this year!

Then, we’ll hear from Dawn Berry, who is a certified life coach and works with empty nesters to help them find an identity after their children have moved out. Dawn is passionate about this because when her daughter moved out, she had her own difficult adjustment period. She encourages people to find their power, confidence and purpose for their new life.

Register for the Stop the Menopause Summit: https://lindseyelmore.com/menopausesummit

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