83. Virtues of a Powerful Woman.

With: Barb Stegemann

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Barb Stegemann is an entrepreneur and author of “The 7 Virtues of a Philosopher Queen: A Woman’s Guide to Living and Leading in an Illogical World.”

Using stoic wisdom and the words of great philosophers, Barb encourages women to harness their collective power to create the world that they want to live in.

Her book speaks to women who are seeking direction in leadership and shares how women can create community even out of uncertain times. She empowers women to launch their own companies and create future generations of entrepreneurs.

Her company, The 7 Virtues offers clean fragrance products with organic fair trade essential oils sourced from a variety of countries that are being rebuilt after war. The vision for this company was born after her best friend was severely wounded fighting in Afghanistan and she was inspired to help bring peace and stability to the war-torn country.

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