95. How Being Selfless Is Detrimental to Your Health.

With: Victoria Albina

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95. How Being Selfless Is Detrimental to Your Health.

People pleasing isn’t just a bad habit, it’s actually causing physical and physiological damage to our body. Trauma and codependency can manifest within our body, causing adrenal issues, digestive concerns, mental health concerns, depression, anxiety and more.

Victoria Albina is a trained Family Nurse Practitioner who has worked in health and wellness for over 20 years. She is a certified Life Coach with a passion for helping women realize that they are their own best healers. She inspires women to break free from perfectionism, codependency and people pleasing to reclaim their joy.

In this podcast, we’ll discuss why being selfish is not selfish, and how to protect and grow ourselves in the safe space that allows us to prioritize our own health and wellness.

For more, check out Victoria’s podcast “The Feminist Wellness Podcast” or head to victoriaalbina.com.

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