I love making an elaborate charcuterie board. Few things are as appealing than a beautiful board laden with colorful fresh fruits and veggies, nuts, vegan meats and cheeses, pickles, crackers, and other delectable finger foods. Check out this ultimate vegan charcuterie board.

Don’t let the simple preparation of a charcuterie board fool you; a lot of thought goes into creating the perfect assortment of flavors. Pay attention to textures as well as flavors. Be sure to include some sweetness, saltiness, and even a touch of sour on your board. Additionally, you want a variety of textures, like soft cheeses, crispy crackers, and a variety of crunchy and soft fruits and vegetables.

Ultimate Vegan Charcuterie Board



  1. Prepare fruits and vegetables. Wash and allow to dry. Slice peppers and peel and slice carrots.
  2. Slice parmesan cheese. Place cream cheese and hummus in small bowls.
  3. Arrange all ingredients on your platter or board. There is no specific way to arrange the board, but pay attention to colors and textures.
  4. Keep your vegan charcuterie board cool until ready to serve and replenish board as needed.

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Made a vegan charcuterie board? Comment and share what ingredients you included in yours!

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