There’s no better way to celebrate freedom than with an Independence Day get together with friends and family. This year, why not have them over for an outdoor vegan cookout? Check out this epic 4th of July vegan menu!

The Salad

I am borderline obsessed with the unique flavors that come together in this Asian Rotini Pasta Salad. It is so flavorful and zesty and really compliments a variety of dishes. Your guests will love this salad so much, it may take center stage of your meal!

The Burgers

No 4th of July party is complete without a great burger. It took quite a bit of trial and error for me to perfect these Vegan Mushroom Lentil Burgers. They are hearty and delicious, and you can cook them on the stove or toss them on a grill.

The Fries

You can’t have a burger without fries, right? Try this recipe for the crispiest, most flavorful sweet potato fries ever! You may wanna make a double batch of these because they will go fast.

The Ice Cream

Finish off the meal with a dish of delicious, creamy Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream. Be sure to make this recipe ahead of time so it has time to harden in the freezer.

The Drinks

Last, but definitely not least, mix up a batch of Spiked Lavender Lemonade (and maybe an un-spiked pitcher for the kids). This unique recipe may just become one of your favorite cocktails!

Keep in mind that this drink is not totally cleanse approved! Make the “kid’s version” or treat yo’ self!

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