A Bloody Mary cocktail is so different from other drinks. Made from a tomato juice base, many consider this drink a blank canvas just waiting for your own culinary inspiration. This non-alcoholic version is no different. Enjoy this Virgin Mary drink any time of day.

The original Bloody Mary most likely contained a mixture of tomato juice and other spices, such as horseradish, Tabasco Sauce, lemon juice and celery salt. This basic recipe is a great starting place. But the real magic of this Virgin Mary is adding in spices to cater to your own palate.

While some children will not like the spiciness of this mocktail, you can adjust the seasonings to make a milder version for them. Like it spicy? Add more pepper or hot sauce to yours. If you’re looking for a tangy beverage, add more lemon juice, olives, or pickles.

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