It’s the season of setting goals and focusing intentions on self improvement. As you spend time pondering the year ahead, set yourself up for success with some new tools to empower your New Year’s resolutions. I know. I know. I just posted something about how I hate most New Year’s resolutions, but everybody and their sister seem to be making them, so I want to throw my two cents in.

New Year’s Resolutions are often very challenging to keep. They are too lofty, too challenging, and require too much discipline. Plus, in the middle of the winter, the mind and body is in hibernation mode, and it can be more challenging to make changes that stick. Therefore, I recommend gentle additions to your regular routine so you can make gradual changes that stick.

Here are a few of my favorite tools to empower your New Year’s Resolutions.

Be Intentional

Don’t just think about your goals. It’s important to actually write them down. Better yet, journal about your desires as well as your step-by-step plans to make them a reality. Find a journal to dedicate just to your personal growth plans for the next year and record your challenges and triumphs.


Meditation is one of the best ways to stay focused on your goals. Not only that, but it also helps to calm and refocus the mind in the midst of busy-ness. Even just a couple of minutes can help you feel more centered and remove yourself from the chaos. One of my favorite meditation apps is Insight Timer. This database has thousands of guided categorized meditations. There are options for quick 2 minute breaks, longer, deeper sessions, and everything in between.

For an even more comfortable experience, check out this meditation cushion. It helps maintain good posture and positioning so you can stay in your happy place longer.

Turn Work Into Fitness

For most people, the biggest challenge of starting a workout routine is finding time to squeeze it into an already busy schedule. What better way to add in some fitness than to find ways to exercise while you work? 

This exercise ball is my absolute favorite desk chair. It encourages excellent posture and engages core muscles as you sit at your desk or even in front of the TV. I also use my foam roller while working. It is great for working out sore muscles, increasing circulation, and improving flexibility throughout the day.

One super easy way to add some activity into your daily routine is by creating an epic playlist that you love. Choose upbeat songs that make you want to move, and play it while you cook, clean, or do other tasks throughout the day.

Eat Healthier

This two-word phrase is arguably one of the most common goals people set. It is the key for maintaining healthy weight, eliminating many illnesses, boosting confidence, and just feeling great in general. Here are a few ways you can stay on track with this intention.

Begin a meal service. Yes, you will pay more for this luxury, but those pre-planned meals really do help people stick to a healthy diet. My favorite is from Purple Carrot, the only plant-based meal delivery option. (If you decide to give it a try, use the code Purple20 for $20 off your first box.)

Add in some juice. It’s a simple way to add in more fresh fruits and vegetables to your day. My juicer makes juicing fast and simple with minimal clean up.

Drink more water. So many times when we feel hungry, we are actually thirsty. Being intentional about drinking more water really can encourage you to stay healthier and eat less during the day. Keep a water bottle by your side at all times, and it will soon become second nature to drink regularly.

Embrace Technology

There are so many apps out there that can help you stick to your plans. I like Lose It! for tracking food intake. Simply scan or search for the foods you eat and it automatically calculates your calorie intake. 

I also like the Sleep Cycle alarm clock app. It helps keep track of your sleep patterns and shows you where you need improvement. So many people are surprised to learn how vital sleep is to losing weight and feeling healthy.

If you have an iPhone, take advantage of the Health App. It automatically tracks your daily activity and sleep and offers a place to record your nutrition data, mindfulness, and weight loss progress. 

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