145. Stop Spinning: Healing Vertigo & Tinnitus

With: Joey Remenyi

Listen to "Stop spinning: healing vertigo & tinnitus | Joey Remenyi" on Spreaker.

Joey Remenyi is a trained vestibular audiologist, an author, a world leading pioneer in vertigo and tinnitus recovery, and the Founder and Director of Seeking Balance International.

Over the last 10-years Joey created ROCK STEADY, a program that is transforming the lives of people suffering with persistent vertigo or tinnitus.

Joey resources people all over the world on how to change their brain and body with the ‘neuroplasticity’ recovery process. She has presented at international medical conferences, authored journal articles and run workshops for professional development as a leader in the field of vestibular audiology. She offers a highly needed and refreshing perspective on healing for people living with debilitating vertigo or tinnitus. Her first book ROCK STEADY: Healing Vertigo or Tinnitus with Neuroplasticity released November 12th, 2020 and is now an audiobook.

Topics covered in this episode:

• What is chronic tinnitus?
• What is vertigo?
• Why is it ignored by conventional medicine?
• What goes awry in the brain that leads to symptoms?
• Some of the mental and emotional root causes.
• What is neuroplasticity?
• Can yoga help?
• The Rock Steady program.

Referenced in the episode:

• The Lindsey Elmore Show Ep 114 | Keep your brain young as you age | Dr. Michael Merzenich
The Lindsey Elmore Show Ep 98 | How brain wave training improves your health | Dr. Patrick Porter

To learn more about Joey Remenyi, her work, and a free starter kit, head over to www.seekingbalance.com.au/ IG @joeyseekingbalance

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