146. Reclaiming Life After Trauma

With: Kelly Thiel

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Kelly Thiel is an accomplished voice actress, author, speaker, consultant, and the driving force behind Be Glorious, a platform that is devoted to creating a space for people to have candid and real conversations with themselves on their path to finding their own brand of Glorious.

Kelly has also been featured in a series of interviews about the downfall of the now notorious NXIVM cult, in the critically acclaimed documentary “Seduced”, currently streaming on Starz. As an unsuspecting, ancillary piece to the NXIVM puzzle, Kelly was faced with the hard truth that she needed to fight like hell to take back control of her destiny. This experience proved how truly vulnerable we are as humans and how easy it is to give one’s power away unintentionally.

Kelly is set to release her much anticipated second book in 2021. This candid telling is an inspiring call to action, that champions readers to be their own guru, take ownership, action, and take back control, on their way to becoming “Unapologetically Glorious”.

Topics covered in this episode:

• A cult story.
• What is the evolving message of being glorious?
• How to stop giving away our power.
• How do we overcome the perception of our flaws?
• The courage in making changes away from a cult.
• The signs of being manipulated.
• Seeking a higher spiritual path.
• The ups and downs of life.
• How to craft a deeper self-awareness.
• The benefits of journaling.
• Compassion and being present.

Referenced in the episode:

• Take Back Your Life by Janja Lalich

To learn more about Kelly Thiel and her work, head over to www.kellythiel.com IG @thekellythiel

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