161. The Suicide Solution

With: Dr. Daniel Emina

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Today’s episode contains frank discussions of mental health disorder, depression, anxiety, and suicide.

Dr. Daniel Emina is a child/adolescent and adult psychiatrist and associate medical director of Amen Clinics, a chain of nationally recognized outpatient healthcare clinics that has pioneered innovative techniques in mental health diagnosis and treatment. He’s experienced in treatment of depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, mood disorders, addiction, ADD/ADHD, impulsive/disruptive behavior disorders, autism spectrum, psychotic disorders, OCD, PTSD, and TBI. Dr. Emina is a board member of the Center for Child and Family Development and a member of the One Hit Away Advisory Council. He’s also a board member and treasurer for the Extended Arms Initiative in Los Angeles, a nonprofit organization focused on homeless outreach and overseas medical missions.

His debut book is The Suicide Solution: Finding Your Way Out of the Darkness.

Topics covered in this episode:

• Why young and middle-aged adults are susceptible to suicide.
• How neuroplasticity works.
• How having a biological situation, along with some triggering trauma, can lead to brain patterns that are not serving us well.
• The Suicide Solution: Finding Your Way Out of the Darkness.
• How early can suicide signs show themselves?
• How to make aware that suicide is preventable.

Referenced in the episode:

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To learn more about Dr. Daniel Emina and his work, head over to www.amenclinics.com/team/daniel-emina-m-d IG @doceminamd

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