157. How to Work with Our Genes, Instead of Against Them

With: Erika Gray

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157. How to Work with Our Genes, Instead of Against Them

Dr. Erika Gray is the co-founder and CMO at ToolBox Genomics and MyToolBox Genomics. As a pharmacist having had years of experience in both alternative and allopathic medicine, Dr. Erika is passionate about integrating the two modalities of both to inspire people to live healthier lives. She believes that helping people understand who they are from their genes outward will help provide them with the tools to understand how they interact with their environment and the role this interaction has with their health.

Topics covered in this episode:

• What are genes, genetics, and genomics?
• Why do our genes matter?
• What is gene mutation?
• How to work with our genes, instead of against them?
• The most important genes.
• Epigenetics testing.
• Regular recommended interventions.
• How to slow down aging.
• Best way to figure out your chronotype.

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