171. Experiencing Trauma & Building Resilience

With: Dr. Hiteshini Jugessur

Listen to "Experiencing Trauma and Building Resilience | Dr. Hitu Jugessur" on Spreaker.

Dr. Hiteshini Jugessur is a rare combination of a committed scientist, social activist, teacher of yoga & meditation, and President of Art of Living Foundation Canada (AOLF). Early on in her profession, she chose to abandon comfort and prestige to dedicate herself to humanitarian service with an aim of bringing comfort, solace, and healing to those in need.

With her Ph.D. in Surgical Research from McGill University and a keen interest in meditation and yoga, she pursued an interest in alternative forms of healing. Hiteshini was particularly drawn to the powerful techniques offered by the Art of Living. She has since become an acclaimed international teacher for the Art of Living Foundation.

Topics covered in this episode:

Breathing Rhythms
Basics of Breath Work
Sky Breathing
Koshas Layers of Energy
Mental Hygiene
Mind vs Brain
Situational Control
Self Care
Reaction and Response

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To learn more about Dr. Hitu Jugessur and her work, head over to www.artofliving.org IG @hitujugessur

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