68. Treating People, Not Symptoms.

With: Dr. Sara Gottfried

Listen to "Treating people, not symptoms. An interview with Dr. Sara Gottfried." on Spreaker.

Dr. Sara Gottfried is a Board Certified Gynecologist and Physician Scientist.

Over the past two decades, she has seen more than 25,000 patients and specializes in identifying the underlying causes of her patients’ conditions to help them achieve true and lasting health transformations. She believes in treating people, not symptoms.

She’s likely to test DNA and biomarkers, and then prescribe a personalized lifestyle protocol using primarily food and proven interventions to optimize the relationship of your genes and your environment. Dr. Gottfried tells us what the n-of-1 is, and why she uses this important clinical trial to create a custom, individualized approach.

After that, Dr. Elmore shares what she’s learned about the Functional Medicine Approach to healing the gut. It’s called the 5 R’s, which are remove, replace, reinoculate, repair, and rebalance.

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