199. Smart Animals; Stupid People

With: Dr. Justin Gregg

Justin Gregg is a Senior Research Associate with the Dolphin Communication Project and an Adjunct Professor at St. Francis Xavier University where he lectures on animal behavior and cognition. Originally from Vermont, Justin studied the echolocation abilities of wild dolphins in Japan and The Bahamas.

Justin Gregg is science writer and author of the upcoming book If Nietzsche Were a Narwhal: What Animal Intelligence Reveals About Human Stupidity, as well as the books Are Dolphins Really Smart? by Oxford University Press and Twenty-Two Fantastical Facts about Dolphins. He writes about animal behavior and cognition, with articles and blog posts appearing in The Wall Street Journal, Aeon Magazine, Scientific American, BBC Focus, Slate, Diver Magazine, and other print and online publications. Justin produced and hosted the dolphin science podcast The Dolphin Pod, and has provided voices for characters in a number of animated films. Justin regularly lectures on topics related to animal/dolphin cognition and teaches a course on Animal Minds at St. Francis Xavier University.

Justin received his PhD from the School of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin in Dublin Ireland in 2008 having studied dolphin social cognition. He is currently an Adjunct Professor at St. Francis Xavier University, and a Senior Research Associate with the Dolphin Communication Project. Justin has a research focus in dolphin social cognition, and a background/interest in linguistics and the evolution of language.

He currently lives in rural Nova Scotia where he writes about science and contemplates the inner lives of the crows that live near his home.

Topics covered in this episode:

Human Intelligence/Animal Intelligence
Future Behavior Choices
Human Benefits of Happiness
Human Language and Animal Communication
Collaborative Efforts
Societal Norms
Human Intelligence
Animal Cognition
Human Behavior v Animal Behavior
Humans & The Food Chain

To learn more about Justin and his work, head over to www.justingregg.com IG @justindgregg

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