200. Transforming Personal Pain Into Power

With: Alison Canavan

Alison Canavan is a motivational speaker, transformational coach, author and lover of life. She believes in a world where people wake up healthy and happy each day. Why? Because she believes in the power of human potential. She has transformed her own personal pain into power and knows that you can too. Depression, anxiety and addiction were a part of her everyday life for way too long. Having walked the runways and graced fashion magazines for over 20 years around the world, she decided to change her life once and for all. She found a way through and so can you.

Alison is a UCLA trained Mindfulness Facilitator from The Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior, a Master NLP Practitioner, HeartMath facilitator, Nutritional coach, Raw Foods Master and an award-winning author of Minding Mum – It’s Time to Take Care of You – the world’s first 360 self-care book for mums focusing on Mums health and wellbeing post birth. Through her work she has helped thousands of people move from the impossible to the possible. As a transformational coach she offers 1:1 coaching, interactive workshops and keynotes to individuals and companies worldwide. Using practical techniques and her Full 360 approach, she guides you on your journey to wellness helping you change your story which in turn will change your life.

Topics covered in this episode:

The Process of Starting
The Inner Critic
Self Reflection
Self Relationship Building
Reticular Activating System
Transforming Your Brain
Having Fun
Generational Trauma

Referenced in the episode:

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The Lindsey Elmore Show Ep 177 | Modeling Trust and Inspiration | Stephen M. R. Covey

To learn more about Alison Canavan and his work, head over to https://www.alisoncanavan.com/ IG: @alisoncanavanwellness

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