203. Maintaining Your Mystique in Menopause

With: Dr. Mary Claire Haver

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Dr. Mary Claire Haver is a board-certified OB-GYN who made a leap from her well-established medical practice to a solo, self-funded entrepreneur at 49. Throughout the years, Dr. Haver encountered frustrated women in midlife grappling with weight gain despite no changes in their routine. She counseled them to "eat less, work out more." It wasn't until menopause contributed to her battle with weight gain that she realized it wasn't working. With the goal of empowering and educating women, Dr. Haver took a deep dive into the science of menopause, aging, and inflammation beyond what she was taught in school and residency. She emerged with an evidence-based program so women could wisely invest in their most undervalued asset, their health.

Topics covered in this episode:

Metabolism in Women Over Time
Visceral Fat
Goals in Bodily Measurements
Out Eating Medications
Menopause Diets
Habits of Nutricion
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Estrogen Replacement Therapy
Core Nutrients
Sexual Desire

Referenced in the episode:

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To learn more about Mary Claire Haver and her work, head over to http://www.galvestondiet.com/ IG @drmaryclaire

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