202. Drunk: Why We Drink and How It Civilized Us

With: Edward Slingerland

Listen to "Drunk: Why We Drink and How It Civilized Us | Edward Slingerland" on Spreaker.

Edward Slingerland is Distinguished University Scholar and Professor of Philosophy at the University of British Columbia, with adjunct appointments in Psychology and Asian Studies, as well as Co-Director of the Centre for the Study of Human Evolution, Cognition and Culture and Director of the Database of Religious History. Slingerland is the author of two trade books, Trying Not to Try (2014) and Drunk (2021), as well as multiple academic books, translations, and edited volumes.

His work has been featured in major media outlets, and he has done numerous interviews on TV, radio, blogs, and podcasts, including NPR, the BBC, PBS, CNN, the CBC, and the Joe Rogan Experience.

Topics covered in this episode:

Why We Drink
Trust & Lying
Isolation & Distillation
Modernized Alcohol Consumption
Sober Curious Movement
Health Effects on Body
Excessive Drinking
Alcohol In Workplace
Societal Alcohol Use

To learn more about Edward Slingerland and his work, head over to https://www.edwardslingerland.com/

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