213 | Making Peace With Food in Diet Culture

With: Christy Harrison

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Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CEDS is a journalist, registered dietitian, and certified intuitive eating counselor. She’s the author of Anti-Diet: Reclaim Your Time, Money, Well-Being, and Happiness Through Intuitive Eating (Little, Brown Spark 2019), and The Wellness Trap: Break Free from Diet Culture, Disinformation, and Dubious Diagnoses and Find Your True Well-Being (Little, Brown Spark 2023). Christy is also the coauthor, with psychotherapist Judith Matz, of The Making Peace with Food Card Deck. Since 2013 Christy has produced and hosted Food Psych, a weekly podcast exploring people’s relationships with food and paths to body acceptance. It regularly ranks as one of Apple’s top 100 Health podcasts, reaching tens of thousands of listeners worldwide. In addition to her media work, Christy offers online courses and private intuitive eating coaching to help people all over the world make peace with food and their bodies. Christy began her career in 2003 as a writer and editor covering food, nutrition, and health, and she’s written for publications including The New York Times, SELF, BuzzFeed, WIRED, Refinery29, Gourmet, Slate, The Food Network, and many others. Her work has been covered in numerous outlets including The Washington Post, Health, and TODAY. Learn more about Christy and her work at christyharrison.com.

Topics covered in this episode:

Wellness Culture
Wellness Misinformation
Disordered Eating
Anecdotal Evidence
Adrenal Fatigue
Mental Wellness
Intuitive Eating

Referenced in the episode:

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