214 | Creating Truly Personalized Medicine

With: Tyler Panzner

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Dr. Tyler Panzner is a Ph.D. scientist trained in pharmacology, cancer, neuroscience, and inflammation research who has had a lifelong passion for understanding how substances affect the body. His passion for genetics and personalized medicine started ~5 years ago and he's pursued his goal of personalizing vitamins, supplements, and lifestyle regimes for each individual. Upon graduating, he joined a clinical genomics company to help personalize cancer treatments. However, he recently left the corporate world to refine his approach on health which he deems "Holistic Genetic Health Optimization." He works with people and uses their genetic data to identify root genetic causes of their ailments and provide natural, targeted supplementation to help fix their health issues as well as truly optimize their biology. Using this approach he believes that not only does daily quality of life improve, but the risk for chronic diseases are greatly reduced. One's underlying genetic code dictates what the body needs to THRIVE, and he's driven to genetically OPTIMIZE the human experience of life.

Topics covered in this episode:

Supplement Science
Personalized Medicine
Supplement Recommendations
Genetic Mutations
Histamine Gluten
Managing Allergies
The Future of Personalized Medicine

Referenced in the episode:

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DNA can seem so elusive and we may think that there’s nothing that we can do to impact the expression or suppression of our DNA but that is simply not true.

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