218 | A Biblical Diet in an Addictive Food Society

With: Annette Reeder

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Annette Reeder is always ready for an adventure, from riding her bike, kayaking beautiful rivers in Florida or hiking the Appalachians with her grandkids. Life is meant to be lived. Today, those adventures are much more enjoyable with better health and great mental fitness. Annette is the host of the very popular YouTube channel - The Biblical Nutritionist with over 251K subscribers and over 11 million views. Her website - The Biblical Nutritionist, draws people from everywhere looking for answers to health from a biblical viewpoint. Annette Reeder is the author of over 11 books - her newest book coming out in May is 7 Foods of the Promised Land. Her most popular Bible study is Treasures of Healthy Living.

Topics covered in this episode:

Healthy Living in the Bible
Eating Better
Anecdotes from The Bible
Foods that Measure God's Love
The Seven Foods
Benefits of the Seven Foods
Incorporating These Foods
Blessings and Curses in Food
Big Food
Food Addictions
Creating Change in Food with Churches

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