219 | Shifting Your Mindset to Make The Change Happen

With: Kelsey Koehler

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219 | Shifting Your Mindset to Make The Change Happen

Kelsey Ullrich is a licensed psychotherapist, art therapist, and yoga teacher based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is also the owner of Inner Circle, where she organizes and facilitates private holistic healing retreats for individuals, couples, and families. These therapeutic retreats are three to five days long and incorporate an immersive and multi-modality approach to helping clients understand and improve their mental and emotional health.

Kelsey is passionate about de-stigmatizing and normalizing peoples’ experience and views on mental health. She believes that therapy doesn’t need to be cold and clinical (as mainstream media portrays it), and wants to provide services and tools for mental health that are not just effective but also pleasurable for her clients. Kelsey has a humanistic approach in the way she works and wants clients and her audience to feel related to, even within the context of her professional role as a psychotherapist.

Topics covered in this episode:

Functional Medicine
Key Principles Of Nutrition
Individual Metabolism
Zero Calorie Sweeteners
Calories In/Calories Out
Muscle Building
Muscle and the Immune System
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Non-Sexual Effects of Testosterone and Estrogen
Weight Loss
Body Dysmorphia

Referenced in the episode:
The Lindsey Elmore Show Ep 137 | Understanding Cognitive Decline | Dr. Rana Mafee
The Lindsey Elmore Show Ep 214 | Creating Truly Personalized Medicine | Tyler Panzner

To learn more about Kelsey Koehler and her work, head over to https://www.innercirclehealingretreats.com/
IG @Kelsey_koehler

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