229 | Dr. Frances Kelsey: A Heroine’s Battle Against Big Pharma

With: Ashley Bratcher

Listen to "Dr. Frances Kelsey: A Heroine's Battle Against Big Pharma | Ashley Bratcher" on Spreaker.

Ashley Bratcher is an award-winning actress, producer, and star of the box office hit, Unplanned as well as the CEO of Simple Jane Films. She is a Campbell University Bachelor of Arts cum laude graduate, and an honorary Notre Dame Alumni. Ashley has worked in the film industry for over a decade with 40+ film and television credits to her name. In addition to her work on screen, Ashley is dedicated to using her platform to encourage positive change. Her philanthropic efforts include founding a scholarship fund to provide financial and material assistance to mothers seeking to continue their education.

Topics covered in this episode:

Financial Reformations
Barabra Molton
Kefauver–Harris Amendment
Francis’ Past
Drug Adulteration
Genders In The Medical Field
Legal Proceedings
Statute of Limitations
Fear of Speaking Out

Referenced in the episode:

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