241 | Can Nuclear Energy Fuel a Cleaner Future: An Interview with Miss America

With: Grace Stanke

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On December 15, 2022, Grace Stanke, representing her home state of Wisconsin, was crowned Miss America 2023 and awarded $50,000 in scholarship. This was the third time Miss Wisconsin has been crowned Miss America in the history of the Organization. During the competition, Stanke won the talent portion, performing a piece from “Vivaldi’s Summer/Four Seasons – Storm” on her electric violin.

Stanke, a nuclear engineering student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has earned more than $68,000 in scholarship assistance through her state and Miss America competitions. During her year as Miss America, Grace is traveling the country using her national platform to advocate for “Clean Energy – Cleaner Future.” Encouraging worldwide change for clean, zero-carbon emission energy sources, Stanke emphasizes the benefits of nuclear power and seeks to dispel the myths around nuclear energy while inspiring the next generation of female scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.

“In addition to helping change public perception of nuclear energy and technology, I hope to inspire youth, especially young girls, to explore STEM and to see that going into these fields, including nuclear engineering, is an option for them.”

Topics covered in this episode:

Passion for Nuclear Energy
History of Miss America
Social Impact Initiative
Transition to Clean Energy
Awareness of Energy Sources
Challenges in the Nuclear Industry
Policy Advocacy
Engaging Communities
Changing Public Perception

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