76. Your Life’s Purpose in the Palm of Your Hand.

With: Jayne Sanders

Listen to "Your life's purpose in the palm of your hand | Jayne Sanders" on Spreaker.

Did you know that your life’s purpose is written right on the palm of your hand?

Jayne Sanders is an author and Master Scientific Hand Analyst with certificates in purpose, the Law of Attraction and is a spiritual life coach. She uses the analysis of hands, helping leaders, business owners and teams reveal their purpose, gifts, and blind spots.

Jayne helps people learn to love their lives and their work, giving them permission to live a life of passion and fulfillment personally and professionally. She goes beyond just the lifeline and the loveline, digging deep into what a person’s hands can say about their mission in life.

Then, Lindsey shares what she learned when she took advantage of Jayne’s Hand Analysis, including advice on how to implement all of the life lessons that the discovery in her own hands taught her.

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