77. Coping With Post Graduation Depression.

With: Thamina Stoll

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Throughout our college years, we are surrounded by friends and professors to help guide and shape our experience. But what happens after college when we are thrust out into the real world, with little to no experience in basic life skills?

Thamina Stoll, Account Director at LinkedIn, had an extraordinary career at its early start but struggled with post graduation depression.

After graduating from Duke University, she realized that school did not prepare her for many of the things that life would throw at her. That experience led to her founding FemmeHive, an online community and podcast that empowers young and ambitious women to become more confident at successfully navigating adulthood in order to lead a fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

At her current job with LinkedIn, she helps businesses achieve their marketing objectives. She served as the company’s Women at LinkedIn Office Lead globally and is a vocal gender equity activist.

After that, Lindsey shares why she believes her Pharmacy Residency was a great transition into the real world, and how other career paths may think about framing the transition from student to adult a more successful one.

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