30. Creating a Community of Empowered Moms.

With: Lindsay Pinchuk

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30. Creating a Community of Empowered Moms.

Lindsay Pinchuk is the founder of Bump Club and Beyond. Pinchuk started her company when she realized that she had little connection and access to support from other Moms and Moms-to-be when she was pregnant.

With a background in publishing and advertising, she worked hard to get her company to take off. While it started as a small community of Moms supporting one another in Chicago, Bump Club and Beyond now reaches half a million of moms and parents-to-be by offering trustworthy resources, events, and partnerships.

After a decade of building her brand, she was acquired by Advantage Marketing Solutions in 2019. She talks about her new role in this acquisition, and how she plans to grow and scale her business.

Then Lindsey shares the flip side of that coin, talking about birth control and Essential Oils, and reproductive health.

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