16. Fitness for Every Woman.

With: Dr. Stacie Graham and Leslee Bender

Listen to "Fitness for every woman. Interviews with Dr. Stacie Graham and Leslee Bender." on Spreaker.

In episode 16 of The Lindsey Elmore Show, Lindsey chats with two fitness experts about how to make it accessible and attainable for every woman. They talk about how to conquer fitness stereotypes despite age, race or sex.

Dr. Stacie Graham tells us all about her OYA Retreats, which are immersive, holistic wellness events for black women and women of color. She strives to stretch her reach to all yoginis of color, reaching their body, mind and spirit. Rooted in healing and growth, these retreats provide a safe space and community for women of color to feel supported in their processes of survival.

Leslee Bender, creator of the Bender Ball, has spent her entire career in the fitness industry and drops some truth bombs about our health. She says you shouldn’t pick a trainer based on what they look like, but instead how they plan to devise a program that is built specifically for you. She shares what frustrates her about the fitness industry, and why movement is a necessity at every age.

If you’ve been looking for motivation to get moving, this episode is for you. Tune into “Fitness for every woman” now!

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