15. Finding Your Spiritual Path with the Guidance of Two Woke Men.

With: Scott Ware and Toby Gant

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15. Finding Your Spiritual Path with the Guidance of Two Woke Men.

In this week’s episode, Lindsey is sitting down with some truly woke men, who are on a mission to support others on their own spiritual paths.

First, Lindsey sits down with Scott Ware, publisher and editor of Radiance Multidimensional Media, a publication that focuses on spiritual and holistic modality. Scott helps people come out of the spiritual closet. What does that mean, exactly? It means giving people the freedom and power to find their own spiritual path. He is sharing permissions we must give ourselves, and how to stay true to our life’s path while supporting others in their own journeys.

Then, Lindsey speaks with Toby Gant, her own personal spiritual guru. Toby has a Masters of Education in Counseling in Human Development and is a certified holistic life coach. He talks about how we can embrace our divine feminine and our divine masculine, in turn showing us how we can move away from shadow femininity and shadow masculinity.  He helps to align his clients’ career life, personal life, and their inner world by helping them find their highest truth.

Stay tuned at the end of the episode for a short meditation with Toby, and Yoga Nidra with Lindsey.

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