19. Doing Impossible Things.

With: Jodie Meschuk and Asher Singe

Listen to "Doing impossible things. Interviews with Jodie Meschuk and Asher Singe." on Spreaker.

First, Lindsey sits down with Jodie Meschuk, author of “Speak Up Buttercup” and the upcoming, “Autism Reimagined.” She shares the incredible story of her son’s autism recovery, and why she continued to fight for him even through the most impossible situations. Every ‘no’ led Jodie to ask the tough questions, and fight her son’s symptoms on her own.

Then Lindsey shares her stance on the controversial topic of vaccines and viruses. She describes why honoring her patients’ wishes is imperative to being a pharmacist, but why she also works to keep her patients fully informed on all ends of the spectrum. She says we must get rid of ‘pro vs anti’ rhetoric in order to continue to have an informed conversation regarding vaccines.

Finally, Lindsey sits down with Asher Singe, founder of Sole Hope, an organization made up of a team of Ugandans and Americans working to bring hope and healing to people suffering from jiggers. She talks about overcoming both personal and professional obstacles, and why she thinks opposition is what truly helps us blossom in to the strong beings we were always meant to be.

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