20. Why Women Need to Talk about Money.

With: Kathleen Entwistle

In this week’s episode of The Lindsey Elmore Show, Lindsey is confronting something that women don’t talk enough about: money.

Lindsey hosts Kathleen Entwistle, a Financial Advisor at UBS Wealth Management, who personally manages over $450 million in client assets. Kathleen combines kindness and compassion while providing women with an understanding of the intricacies of their finances.

Kathleen stayed at home with her children for 12 years before returning to the corporate finance world and quickly and successfully climbing the corporate ladder. She enjoys helping women find confidence in themselves and managing their money, showing them that asking questions is required when making your money work for you.

Then, Lindsey shares some of the toughest lessons she’s learned as a business owner. From not listening to her gut, to hiring someone too quickly, to not asking the right questions and more - Lindsey gets candid about big mistakes in business and how to overcome them.

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