91. Letting Your Inner Truth Out.

With: Lisa Reagan

The health benefits of music therapy are wide-ranging and diverse. Music therapy has been tested in patients with chronic and acute pain, and overall can help to decrease pain and pain perception.

But there is a specific type of music that is built on the power of mantra, tone, rhythm, and tempo that is proven to help lift and transform emotions.

Today, Lisa Reagan is sharing her background and expertise in this style of music, which combines addictive melodies, with ancient chants and poly-cultural rhythms into a healing, transformational sound that feels both new and timeless.

Along with other accolades, Lisa has a Master's Degree in Opera and Vocal Performance from the University of Maryland’s prestigious Opera Studio. She and her musical collaborator Suzanne Jackson formed Shunia, which means the point of stillness, and their music captures and conveys deep energy and deep spirit. You can hear the healing powers of their music in their 2017 album ‘Send’ as well as their new self-titled album.

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