92. Coping With Cancer.

With: Cynthia Hayes

When coming face to face with an unexpected cancer diagnosis, there may be several heavy emotions. From treatment, to recovering from treatment, to wondering if and when that cancer might come back, the decisions someone coping with a cancer diagnosis is forced to make can feel like weathering an unsettling storm.

Cynthia Hayes, a cancer survivor herself, worked with close colleagues including a psychologist, two oncologists and more to write her book “The Big Ordeal: Understanding and Managing the Psychological Turmoil of Cancer.”

She shares the many sides of dealing with the emotional turmoil with cancer, from a raw and unique perspective. The lessons in her book provide tips and tools that you need to deal with just about any health-related diagnosis.

Prior to her own cancer diagnosis, Cynthia worked with the Montefiore Medical Center as Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer where she focused on telling stories of health and recovery. She gained a deeper understanding of medicine and the opportunity to build relationships with cancer professionals who helped her write her book, “The Big Ordeal.”

Among many commitments, Cynthia now mentors patients that are going through gynecological cancer treatment as a part of the Woman To Woman program at Mt. Sinai hospital in New York.


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