Today on the Lindsey Elmore Show, Kara Collier, registered dietician, nutritionist and certified nutrition support clinician shares why it’s so important to continuously track your glucose, whether you’re diabetic or not.

When Kara became frustrated with the typical healthcare system, she started a company called Nutrisense where she now is the Director of Nutrition.

She has interpreted thousands of complex glucose data sets in non-diabetic patients helping people to make lasting life-style changes reverse metabolic disfunction and prevent chronic infection.

She states that blood sugar tracking is critical to seeing how the body reacts to each food that we eat, and helps us control our weight, our energy levels and more. Plus, her company has the technology available for you to easily and conveniently do this from the comfort of home.

After that, Dr. Elmore shares why we should be avoiding sugar in our diet, and how we can affectively break our addiction to sugar.

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