43. Overcoming Traumatic Brain Injuries and Post-Traumatic Stress.

With: Dr. Chrisanne Gordon and Jason Sapp

Listen to "Overcoming traumatic brain injuries and Post-traumatic stress. An interview with Dr. Chrisanne Gordon, featuring Jason Sapp." on Spreaker.

Dr. Chrisanne Gordon is a researching physician who studied traumatic brain injuries before unexpectedly suffering a traumatic brain injury of her own when a freak accident changed her life forever.

Now, as both a physician and a brain injury survivor, she says she was drafted by the universe to advocate for those with traumatic brain injuries. After recovering from her own injury, she returned to medicine with a new expertise and a new empathy as she was able to see the struggles from a patient’s perspective.

She founded the Resurrecting Lives Foundation and advocates for the proper diagnosis and treatment of traumatic brain injuries, especially among veterans returning from military combat zones.

Then, we hear from Veteran Jason Sapp who underwent 11 minutes of active fire while serving in one of his military tours. This caused severe Post-traumatic stress and affected Jason in many areas of his life, including most poignantly his relationship with his wife. He’s reading an emotional letter that he wrote to her detailing the arduous journey they’ve been on while living with Post-traumatic stress.

Warning: This episode may contain sensitive material for some listeners.

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