67. How Human Design Reveals Your Purpose.

With: Rosy Crescitelli

Listen to "How human design reveals your purpose. An interview with Rosy Crescitelli." on Spreaker.

Who are we truly meant to be? Today on the Lindsey Elmore Show, Rosy Crescitelli is sharing how through human design we can figure out the answer to that very question.

Rosy is a clinical aromatherapist, emotional coach and human design expert. Combining new age healing modalities with religion and astrology, Rosy says that knowing our own design types as well as the types of others can give us permission to just “be”, and show us how to grow personally and professionally, as partners, parents and more.

After that, Lindsey shares about the Ikigai, which is the concept of finding purpose in life. She walks listeners through an activity to help them discover where their passions and purpose intersect. Check out the exercise on Instagram @lindseyelmoreshow

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