25. So What Do Pharmacists Actually Do?

With: Lara Zakaria and Connie Grauds

Listen to "So what do pharmacists actually do? Interviews with Lara Zakaria and Connie Grauds." on Spreaker.

Close your eyes and imagine what you think of when you hear the word, ‘pharmacist.’ What do you think your pharmacist does? What do you think your pharmacist can do for you?

Today, Lindsey is chatting with two pharmacists who delve into the worlds of nutrition, and functional medicine.

Up first is Lara Zakaria, a nutritionist and functional medicine pharmacist. She talks about the alarming statistics about how much the nutrient quality of our food has decreased, as well as why training and education makes a pharmacist an incredible resource when you’re not feeling like yourself. She’s out to get to the root cause of what is actually wrong with your body, and asks the necessary questions to get to the ‘why.’

Then Lindsey sits down with Connie Grauds, a registered pharmacist, alternative and integrative medicine specialist, and cancer survivor. Her travels led her to the Amazonian jungles of Peru where she discovered the path from medicine to magic. She is an advocate for lifelong health and wellness.

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