24. Our Relationship with Food.

With: Melody Hartzler and Rachel Straining

The way that we eat has a huge impact on the way that we feel. Yet somehow, this message has been lost in the allopathic medical system.

In this episode, Lindsey and her guests are tackling how our relationship with food, as patients and pharmacists, can be addressed in a more effective way.

First, Lindsey is sitting down with pharmacist Melody Hartzler, of Pharm to Table, who is a champion of functional medicine as a way to find the root cause of any disease. She is working to integrate functional medicine into disease management across the country, while teaching how to apply the key concepts of functional medicine.

Next, Lindsey sits down with Rachel Straining who was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease when she was in high school. Rachel turned her hardships into helping other navigate a life with chronic illnesses, which is why she chose to share her journey and raise awareness one real talk at a time. She took back control of her health by changing her diet.

Then, Lindsey shares some information from her gluten-free cookbook, The Clean Slate Cleanse. She talks about the transformation of wheat, and how avoiding gluten can impact everything from your gut health to your brain function.

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