22. Creating Connections in a Virtual World: The PodMAX Event

With: Josh Cary, Jamie O'Connor, Robert Grigore, & Lauren Heath

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22. Creating Connections in a Virtual World: The PodMAX Event

When you work on project that you are passionate about, it isn’t really work. When Lindsey started this podcast, it was because she was passionate about helping women find fulfillment amidst chaos. While sharing this message sharing this message, she was introduced to an event called PodMax.

PodMax provides a unique networking opportunity for podcast hosts to meet high performance guests, thought leaders, authors, and more. It’s an amazing opportunity to connect podcasters with major podcasts, helping them share their fascinating stories with their communities.

This week on the Lindsey Elmore Show, Lindsey is sitting down with several people that from the PodMax event.

First up, Josh Cary, co-founder of PodMax talks about wanting to help other people to ‘unmask themselves’ in order to best show up for their business. He shares why PodMax is a great opportunity to build communication skills, build interview skills and confidence, and is an incredible networking opportunity.

Next, Jamie O’Connor, founder of Inspired Focus Digital, shares how to create a brand that matters, and how to attract new customers while nurturing the customers you have.

Then, Robert Grigore shares what Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is and how he helps people process traumas but engaging both hemispheres of the brain through this form of therapy.

Finally, Lindsey chats with Lauren Heath, a social worker turned entrepreneur with a growing pet care company. She talks about the importance of working with a professional in the pet care system versus someone who is simply walking dogs as a hobby.

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